Joe Goddard of Hot Chip fame has a new solo album that came out in April. How this slipped by my radar is beyond me. Thanks to my internet pal Jorge for wising me up. If you love “Slinky White Boy Disco” the way I do you’re gonna love this title track. It’s a very hollow joint with spare instrumentation and Goddard’s beautiful thin voice extolling all of us to shun fake objects and concepts and return to substance and weight. This is everything I love about Hot Chip but slower and sweeter. I know what you REALLY wanna know tho… it Bloccy? Yup, exceedingly Bloccy. Enjoy this and your weekend.

  • Cooolin

    I don’t know how this slipped by me, either. Probably cuz the lamestream fake music media would rather rank Rihanna singles.

    But goddamn, this is GOOD. So happy this exists.