Julien Baker

The Nashville, Tennessee tear-jerker, Julien Baker, is back with a new single called “Distant Solar System”.
The track is the follow-up to January’s “Funeral Pyre”. Musically, the track is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Ms. Baker. It’s built around delicately plucked guitar strings and pillowy violins. Julien, on the other hand, sounds much more upbeat than she typically does. It’s a perfect track for staring up at the night sky and contemplating just how small you and your problems really are.

  • Doris Montgomery

    fr*ggin love julien

    • Doris Montgomery

      also you dont know my problems.

      • lobster man

        I’m sure Julien loves you too and cares about your problems.

    • Saul_Wright

      One of the biggest talents of the last couple years. I love all her songs.

      • lobster man

        Oh definitely. Feels like she came out of nowhere too like any big talent should.

        • Blochead4real

          I love it when they come out of nowhere

  • Caleb Tripp

    I like this song. like a lot.

    • lobster man

      We like you a lot.