Howdy Bloclanders!!! since I was just a wee cube of a lad I’ve claimed this is the greatest rock song ever made. I’ve seen nothing in the past 40 years to change that opinion. This is everything The Ramones do well. Namely, be the best rock band the planet has, or ever will, see. If you are one of them there folks that kinda know you SHOULD listen to The Ramones or have listened a couple of times and thought “this is simple and stupid. Things have gotten so much better since this band invented punk rock.” Both of those positions are understandable. Unfortunately both are stupid and you are a dolt.


  • lobster man

    1970 by The Stooges

    And I’m a firm believer that punk rock originated in Michigan, gang.

    • Blochead4real

      I’m admittedly not a Stooges fan. That being said the standard party line here is The Stooges are “Proto-Punk” I do think they have tons of the calling cards of punk.

      • James Meakim

        Stooges had too many 60s psych elements. The band who recorded “We Will Fall” can’t be called punk.

        • raptor jesus

          On the contrary, recording a 10-minute song to fill time on your first album is a pretty punk move.

    • Saul Wright


      • Black Antlers

        I’d say they’re proto, but very early proto. Great call though. I always put Death (Detroit 1971) down as a band with one foot in proto and one foot in punk. I also have a soft spot for The Deviants.

        • Saul Wright

          I was at a bar a couple weeks ago and Los Saicos – Demolición came on and it was a serious “holy shit, stop everything, what is this” moment for me.