Every now and again some helpful soul will sidle up to me and say something like “Love the site, Bloc….” I typically interrupt at that point with a resounding “Fucking DUH” but then they invariably feel the need to expound “……but why is there so much damn metal on the site? I kinda thought it was more of an indie site. No biggie, bruh. Was just something I was noticing” I’m paraphrasing most of that as I typically stop paying attention after “Love the site, bloc” but I understand this is a concern. I’ve given this some very serious thought.

And the obvious answer is to post some more fucking metal. Here’s the astounding track “Heirophant” from the King Woman album, Created In The Image Of Suffering, which was released this very day on Relapse Records. Lead singer Kristina Esfandiari is an absolutely remarkable talent. This track shows off all of her gifts. The album is currently streaming on Spotify. Look for it on Best of 2017 lists at the end of the year

  • lobster man

    I’m calling it: 2017 is the year for sensitive metal love songs.