Doom purveyors, Loss, are prepping their new come-back album and are now back with a new single titled “All Grows On Tears”. The new album is called Horizonless and will be out toward the end of May. Horizonless is the followup to the 2011 self-titled debut. The new track opens with chords that remind me of new wave if you stuck the entire genre in a dark, moldy basement and are just now letting it out to see the sun. The rest of the track follows along the same path while becoming progressively more doom as it plays out until it becomes more spritely and reminds me of a much grittier Deafheaven at the end.

Horizonless is out 5/19. Pre-order it from Profound Lore Records

  • Doris Montgomery

    well i like the album art

    • lobster man

      That’s as good a start as any.