This song was released on February 9th. Blocland apologizes for the delay. Listen to Jake Xerxes Fussell’s Furniture Man now.

Fussell’s Furniture Man is a updated take on Lil McClintock’s Furniture Man. It might be considered heresy among certain folks (none of this websites 5 readers) but I prefer Fussell’s take. Listen to both below.


Pre Order Jake Xerxes Fussell’s What in the Natural World over at Paradise of Bachelors.

  • Blochead4real seems to enjoy this artist.

  • Saul_Wright

    Love this dude. His last one was my favorite album of 2015. I had this to say:

    “The best albums feel both new and old. The songs feel lived-in but fresh. You feel like you understand where everything goes but it somehow never feels predictable. Like something completely new but coming from inside yourself. In his self-titled debut, Jake Xerxes Fussell taps into that beautiful dichotomy and delivers a timeless gem. Guitar virtuoso William Tyler (seen formerly on our Best Albums of 2013) produced the album and added his own lovely six-string touches to aid the Nashville vets backing Fussell as he reworks old-time folk and blues songs.

    Fussell is no slouch at the guitar himself, with a deltaish fingerpicking style that is reserved and purposeful. The heart and soul of the blues and the South emanate from the album with the type of understanding that could only come from someone who grew up as the son of a traveling southern folklorist. Fussell has a casual laid-back style simultaneously seeming to be super authentic and not give a shit about being authentic. His relaxed charm imbues the old songs with new life.

    Seek this album out – it will put a smile on your face.”

    • Saul_Wright

      He’s touring Europe this year with Daniel Bachman. Highly recommended to’s European readership.