Wow, is it already Friday again?  I’m on vacation so let’s keep this short and sweet.  I’m changing up the vibe a little bit today (what can I say, I have extremely diverse, expansive, multi-cultural tastes) so I hope I don’t lose anyone with this pivot.

The link to the cumulative playlist can be found below…Have a great weekend!

Something old:

Something new:


  • Cooolin

    Meat’s Picks has made Friday something to look forward to.

    • meat

      I’m just glad you’re off the smack. Stupid Ryan Adams.

      • Doris Montgomery

        he poisoned our colin

  • DFrye

    the meat rating system (rare being tops of course).

    • Black Antlers

      I propose that from now on all albums be rated on the meat scale.

  • Saul Wright

    I don’t know half these bands so I’m excited to sink my teeth into this meaty playlist.