^ me in 2 hours

Hey, gang. Gotta keep this one short and sweet, as I’ll be attending a black tie affair in the lovely state of New Jersey in just a few short hours. To make up for my brevity, I’ve thrown in an extra lil ditty for your listening pleasure. Tonight I’ll be changing gears ONCE AGAIN and going with a bit of rock music. It’s a genre I’ve been blatantly ignoring in my weekly picks, so consider this my repentance. Hope you enjoy!

Have a super weekend, y’all!

Something old:

Something new:

Something for the playas:

  • lobster man

    Wow meat likes guitars? Never would’ve pegged that.

    • meat

      every once in awhile

      • Black Antlers

        Tis true, I have Meat to thank for Merchant – how about a sludgely selection one Friday? Raspberry Bulbs rule though.

        • meat

          ask and ye shall receive

          • Doris Montgomery

            we dont cover sludge/rock on this website

  • Cooolin

    Schmooze the hell outta those fancy people, meat