Greetings from my high school reunion! is what I would have been saying, if my high school reunion was actually tonight like I thought it was.  I found it odd that no texts were flying around today, so I called my bud to see what the plan was.  He told me the reunion is next weekend, and that I’m a fucking moron.  It’s probably for the best, since a ton of great music came out today AND my War on Drugs album just arrived in the mail 😉

Speaking of old people…your boy DFrye and I went to see Elder on Wednesday night, and holy shit were they good.  Truly one of the best live rock bands playing right now.  If they come to your town, go see them.  And bring ear plugs.  They were loud as hell as a 3-piece and now they have a 2nd guitarist.  Anyway, hope you have a great weekend and a super spooky Friday the 13th!


Something from the old boys:

Something from the old Girls:

Something for Blochead:

And a lil something for the ladies:

  • Cooolin

    Nailed it with your picks this week, meat. Certified fresh. I probably should spend more time with that Elder album.

    And White Reaper also happens to be one of the best live rock bands playing right now.

    • meat

      gracias. you know how i feel about the reaper!

  • Doris Montgomery


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