Hey everybody. Gonna switch things up a bit right now. Today’s picks are a shout out to fellow Bloclander, Black Antlers. Last week in this very space, after correctly telling me implying how diverse and worldly he thought my picks have been so far, he asked if I could add a little sludge to this week’s selections. Good idea.

I had a hard time picking just two songs, so I made a playlist instead.  It’s gonna make you feel icky.

Have a great weekend!

* Trigger warning: The songs get more intense as they go along and the last one is a bonus track dedicated to sweet Doris, who loves the doom.

  • Black Antlers

    Fantastic icky goodness to usher in the weekend, Lord Mantis is a veritable battery acid enema. Thank you my meaty comrade.

  • Blochead4real

    I was in such a good mood.

    Meat ruins stuff.

    • meat

      tomorrow is the end of the world. what did you expect?

  • Doris Montgomery

    why am i being trolled im the ceo

  • Cooolin

    I feel like the thing in that picture. Actually more comfortable than it looks.

  • Cooolin