The Italian doom unit, Messa, impressed a hell of a lot of people (including this crustacean) with their 2016 debut album Belfry. The tracks are overpoweringly heavy with a strong sense of finesse brought into the fold by way of grim blues riffs that recalled bands like Wretch, Windhand, and hell, why not Sabbath too? What really stood out was the band’s vocalist, Sara. Very clear, dynamic, and incredibly competent vocals rose atop the hard rock leaning doom and became the easy focal point. Recently, the band has announced their new upcoming full length Feast for Water, which they describe as “a concept album centered on the introspective, symbolic and ritual features of the liquid element.” Now, Messa has shared the album’s lead single “Leah” along with an accompanying video. The track features everything that was so great about Belfry’s best tracks while also feeling like a natural extension. Organ whirs create a moody ambience, riffs crunch, and Sara belts out ear worm hooks. “Leah” eases into it’s conclusion with the help of a loose jazz improve guitar solo that will not doubt lend itself to some heady live explorations. Check out the stark black and white video below.

Feast for Water is out 4/6 on Aural Music.

  • Black Antlers

    I slept on Belfry. This as good an excuse as any for me not to repeat that mistake. Italy is not the first country one associates with doom but they have a couple of premier league hitters there – I’m looking at you too Ufommaut. (BTW I have sent article goodness your way).

    • lobster man

      I’m pretty sure I, Voidhanger has some respectable Italians on their roster as well. Oh, wait they’re an Italian label aren’t they?

      The article goodness is indeed goodness.

  • DFrye

    Slinky, sensual doom. Sweet and vicious. I like it.

    • lobster man

      And just like that, Blocland became the #1 Messa fan site on the web.

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