The mysterious French black metal entity Blut aus Nord is gearing up to release its new full-length Deus Salutis Meae at the end of the month. The new album will be the followup to 2014’s great Memoria Vestusta III (Saturnian Poetry) and last year’s absurdly hefty EP Codex Obscura Nomina. We are getting our first taste of the album with the new single “Apostasis”. Blut aus Nord is, well… Blut aus Nord is weird. The project is typically labeled black metal, but that’s mostly due to the project’s early releases. It was clear from the beginning that the project’s figurehead, Vindsval, had lofty ambitions and a restless creativity that couldn’t be pigeonholed into just black metal.

Nothing about this new track resembles black metal. Actually, very little of Blut aus Nord’s discography resembles black metal. On first listen, I thought Vindsval was revisiting the sound on the 777 series. That phase of Blut aus Nord is characterized by repetitive industrial clattering. But, on further listening, only about ten percent of what’s going on here would fit on any of the 777 releases. “Apostasis” makes me think of what death metal drone would sound like. Let’s call it “death-drone”.

I’m not even sure if calling it any kind of drone really fits either. The element that fits that description is the density. This is a thick fucking single, people. For the majority of its runtime, fast moving parts merge and spatter along in a way that creates the illusion of a leisurely pace. The core of “Apostasis”, the racketing drums and burly tree trunk guitar riffs, stays the same. What happens around the core elements is what consistently changes. The first half, is all tremolo picking that turns into corkscrew noise dives aimed in varying directions. The noise dives then turn into jagged stalagmite stabbing up from the ground at random. It’s a lot to take in, but I expect nothing less from Blut aus Nord. Give it a listen below via Bandcamp.


Deus Salutis Meae is out 10/27.

  • Black Antlers

    Haha, you beat me to writing up this one. Blut Aus Nord once again distill the purest essence of Black Metal without actually making Black Metal (unless of course they’re doing one of their Memoria Vetusta series). This reminded me most of The Work That Transforms God, but shot through a infinitesimal succession of prisms. At first it always surprises me that there aren’t legions of BAN copycats, but then I remember that what Vindsval does is simply too singular, any attempts to emulate him either end up sounding trite or something else entirely different. I have pre-ordered the t-shirt, slip mat, super vinyl bundle thingy coz I’m a geek.

    • lobster man

      Haha it’s so funny to me that there’s more than one series in the BAN discography. Who else can say that? Who else can do that? And who else could do it like BAN? Truly next level stuff on all fronts. I’ve also likened BAN to David Bowie and Bjork. It’s obviously wildly different from the those two but like Bowie and Bjork, Vindsval has never made the same album twice. The difference being people can actually ape Bowie and Bjork’s sounds. No ones figured out Blut aus Nord yet. And no one should try. Easy way to hurt yourself.

      And I didn’t know about Aosoth. Thanks for the heads up!