The Austrian black metal duo Harakiri For The Sky will be returning in February with their fourth full-length record, Arson. The duo of vocalist J.J. and multi instrumentalist M.S. play a strand of black metal that leans toward the “post” end of the spectrum and takes copious notes from contemporaries like Woods of Desolation and genre forbearers like Alcest. The band’s new single “You Are the Scars” rides along that lineage while bringing to mind what would happen if Agalloch was less interested in prog and leaned further into a Darkthrone influence. The track features a very linear use of tremolo picking and blast beats while mingling along with the Harakiri For The Sky’s more adventurous tendencies. It also sounds like Harakiri For The Sky has dirtied things up since we last heard from them. I’ve been in the midst of week long snow vortex and this track is very fitting. Check out the lyric video and read what J.J. has to say about the track below.


“This song is like a retrospective on broken relationships and the void that stays when people leave. To me it’s not the saying good-bye which is the greatest burden, it’s the neverending silence, the rejection and the uncertainty. This song tributes the pain that’s left when beloved people dissappear completely as if they’d have never crossed way.”

Arson is out 2/16 on AOP Records.

  • Doris Montgomery

    is this the same dude who wrote Norwegian Wood?

    • lobster man

      Uhhhhh…. yeah yeah. You’re right.

  • DFrye

    Oh shit. Sounds like I’m gonna dig this if they’ve gotten meaner.

    • lobster man

      Give it a listen, yo