Primitive Man, the heaviest band in the world, will be returning next month with their fourth album Caustic. We’ve already heard the pounding monstrosity of a lead single, “My Will” and now we’re being treated to “Commerce”. The new track, as described by the band, is about “working to the bone at a day job and having nothing to show for it”. “Commerce” is every bit as murky and heaving as “My Will” but with a bit more focus on the noise aspects of Primitive Man’s sound. The key here is the strangled guitar “solo” built on screeching feedback that disrupts the track halfway through. The track closes out in perfect Primitive Man fashion by speeding up and pounding your head against gravel. If any of that sounds enjoyable to you, which it absolutely should, give it a listen below. Maybe take a shower afterwards.

Caustic is out 10/6 on Relapse Records.

  • meat

    seeing them in november with d frye. if there was ever a time to come join us in nyc, this is it.

    • lobster man

      I’ll check with HR and see what the travel per diem is.

      • DFrye

        Get. It. Done.

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