Hello Bloclanders!!! So the past few weeks have found your ol pal Bloc infatuated with Finnish artist Mikko Joensuu. Mikko has a trilogy of albums called Amen – volumes I, II, and III. Each is very different in musical scope. But I don’t want to delve to deep into that here today. I’ve gotten word from his management that an interview is acceptable on their end. So I’m working on that for now. Think of this as a “teaser” AAAAANNNNNND if you don’t like this track you need not think about this person one more minute. This is an absolute monster of a track. I really hope you like this one.

“There used to be a sickness inside my soul
It’s taken me some time just to let it go
There used to be a darkness in my soul……
But it ain’t there no more”

Team….I fucking LOVE this song.

  • Cooolin

    You’ve done real good here, bloc.