Howdy Bloclanders!!! Your favorite curmudgeon is back with a new track!!! Yes, beloved Morrissey has returned with “Spent The Day In Bed.” Which is as Moz I think Moz could Moz in 2017. But can we do better? Spent The Day In Bed is most certainly something Moz would do, say, and write a song about. Being the tragic bastard he is. I mean look at this guy…………

But the real question is….can we OutMoz The Moz? Join me in trying to come up with song titles more Moz and more tragic than his latest. I’ll start the ball rolling with a few….

“Thatcher”? Love, I Barely Knew Her”
“Bubblegum Is No Friend Of Mine”
“I Have No Time For Holiday (only cancellations)”
“Praying For Your Demise (the record label song)”

Come on! Put your hair in a big ol flip, unbutton that shirt down to your navel, and get your Moz on! Hit us with your best Moz titles down in the comments!!

  • Black Antlers

    “You, Me and Anne Marie”
    “Bulbous Salutation”

  • Cooolin

    Very timely. Pretty sure everyone just wants to spend today in bed.

    • Black Antlers

      A truly shitty day.