Natalie Prass has returned!1

I am going to call her a staff favorite. This song rules. Like an orchestral Janet Jackson. 

Check it out. 


The Future and The Past is out June 1st. Pre-Order Here

  1. I’m shaking off the post cobwebs here. I haven’t posted in a minute so forgive the lack of compelling content.
  • Doris Montgomery

    great write up and words

    • Cooolin

      You’re killin’ it, boss! Extra shrimp for you tonight!

    • DFrye

      This is not my thing but your eloquence is on point as always.

      • Cooolin

        what if we threw it in a blender

        • DFrye

          Haha I actually lol’ed.

  • Saul Wright

    I fuckin love it!