EMA is set to release her politically-charged, alt-rock experiment, Exile In the Outer Ring, later this month. Today she has shared the album’s new and fourth single, “Blood and Chalk”. The track is a much quieter affair compared to what we’ve heard from the album so far. For the most part, we’re treated to sombre piano, drum echoes, and EMA’s low-key sense of melodicism that harkens back to her debut album, Past Life Martyred Saints. That is until noise elements and guitar feedback gently glide through the background. Give it a listen below and get hyped for Exile In the Outer Ring. 

Exile In the Outer Ring is out 8/25 on City Slang.

  • DFrye

    Fuck yeah. I just listened to this through my shitty laptop speakers and it still sounded awesome.

    • lobster man

      SO GOOD. More like EM-slay. Am I right?

  • Black Antlers

    This is gonna be good, I know it.