Hey Charli, I was busy thinking about PEOPLE!


Charli XCX’s new song “Boys” is a hotbed of controversy. Coupled with its music video objectifying popular male artists (JUSTICE FOR CHARLIE THE TRUTH PUTH!) Charli has hit a massive low when she should be sailing high. Best to watch the damning visual now:


How much more heteronormative can you get? Girls thinking about boys? What about girls thinking about GIRLS, Charli? Ever think there was more to life than heterosexual relationships? What happened to “SuperLove”?

Charli recently performed her new hit “Boys” at Lollapalooza and the crowd couldn’t have been more split. Sure, the heterosexual girls and homosexual boys in the crowd were having a grand time, but what about the homosexual women and the heterosexual men?

Sidelined by pop music once again. First Migos, now Charli? I’m having a real hard time in 2017 gang.

  • Cooolin

    Kinda ironic that after teaming with “P.C. Music” she’d descend into peddling this brand of problematic heteronormativity.

  • Blochead4real

    Of all the artists I would expect to be chained to the gender binary Charli would’ve very very low on my list. This shocking lack of understanding for the rainbow of diversity really makes me worry for this generation.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Blocland vs XCx

  • Saul Wright

    Hard hitting piece. Tough but fair.