Summer memories. Cookin’ shrimp-on-a-stick over an illegal campfire with your dad and his friends. Drinkin’ martinis on the patio while listening to scratchy old Mel Tormé records with your dad and his friends. Cruisin’ the Main Street with your dad and his friends and hurling pigs-blood balloons at local children and the elderly.

Yikes, did you even try to make friends your own age? Your dad and his friends sound like very strange and troubled people.

Anyway, the past is behind you. You’re an adult now so you can make your own damn decisions. Drink a lot of Mountain Dew1 and boil some hotdogs for neighborhood families and friends. Bring a dozen first dates to the Cheesecake Factory. See how far you can get through the menu! But I digress … regardless of what you decide, make sure you are locked into the OFFICIAL Blocland Summertime ’18 Bangerz Playlist.2

And oh yeah, we have a pretty good playlist from Summertime ’17 as well. Just don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re a time-traveler, LOL!

  1. do the dew baby
  2. will also help you attract nice ladies and/or men
  • lobster man

    This bangs so fucking hard.

    And, please. Be careful with Mountain Dew everyone. It’ll give you kidney stones and lower your sperm count.

    • Cooolin

      A sad but true fact

  • Saul Wright

    Cold as hell here in Santiago. Using these bangerz to keep warm.

    • Cooolin

      Not allowed.

  • Caleb Tripp

    i am stoked for this playlist, but you may want to turn off collaborative so some troll doesn’t add the most essential seals and crofts summer jam of all time.

    • Cooolin

      Oh snap, I might have to keep this one. Thanx Caleb.

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