The Arkansas doom goliaths, Pallbearer, are set to release Heartless at the end of the month. Heartless will be the
group’s third album and will be the follow-up to 2014’s monolithic Foundations of Burden. Pallbearer specializes in a kind of massive, wide screen doom. Somehow each album has been both better and larger than the last. With “Thorns” and now “I Saw the End”, it appears Heartless will be no exception. Like with “Thorns”, “I Saw the End” appears to have more emphasis on intricate, classical, guitar licks slithering around each other. Also, this time around, Brett Campell’s vocals are stronger and more confident. It isn’t just Campbell whose vocals have improved. The rest of the group includes harmonies that remind of Crosby, Still, & Nash. Listen to the single below.

Heartless is out 3/24. Pre-order it from Profound Lore Records.

  • raptor jesus

    I would like to request permission to use this space to type out a public apology to lobsterman.

    I’m going to assume permission was granted, so here we go:

    lobster, I am sorry for not listening to you about Power Trip. I’m sorry I waited til p4k BNM’d before I took notice. The child within me that sought to own every album by Metallica, the first band discography I ever owned, is shaking his head at me too.

    You were right. I was wrong. You have good taste in music. I probably listen to Lorde in my spare time. You volunteer your time to help others. I probably drive a high-emissions automobile inefficiently on multiple back and forth trips to places I could’ve consolidated into one single trip. You’re a seemingly nice person. I seem to be a monster that hides under children’s beds for real because their tears make me laugh.

    I could go on, but know I am sincerely sorry.

    • raptor jesus

      Now I’m listening to this Pallbearer song. Sorry for not listening to it while typing the above comment. I’m still working on not being awful.

      Shout outs to Mikey Nels though for getting me to listen to Pallbearer when their last album dropped. Or was it Stosuy when p4k BNM’d it back in 2014? Probably the latter. God, I’m fucking awful.

      • lobster man

        All is forgiven. Just know you’ve bee formally put on notice.

    • DFrye

      The first step in your recovery is not give a crap about shitfork. Step two, ignore pitchfuck. Baby steps.

      This song rules. Nice work as always lobby!