Today staff favorite Phil Cook released a new track titled “Miles Away (feat. Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso and Mountain Man)” from his forthcoming album People Are My Drug. 


This song makes me want to cook. 

Here’s my recipe1 for roasting whole chicken. Feel free to post your inferior recipes in the comments.



1 whole bird2

1 bunch parsley 

3 lemons

1/4 can of a citrusy IPA

as much garlic as you like to use

salt, pepper, olive oil, butter

cast iron skillet big enough to hold whole bird


  1. Buy bird
  2. Brine bird in water, beer, 1 lemon cut in quarters and salt3 for at least 8 hours
  3. Remove bird from brine about an hour before cooking and pat dry
  4. Preheat oven to 375
  5. Rub bird with oil, 1/2 bunch chopped parsley, lemon juice from a lemon, crushed garlic and salt
  6. Stick some butter under the skin
  7. Put crushed garlic and squeezed lemon in cavity
  8. Put bird into oven. Time will vary based on size. Check temperature after 45 minutes or so
  9. Pull at 160
  10. Squeeze 1 more lemon, grind pepper and sprinkle rest of chopped parsley over the bird

Maybe serve with some red beans and rice.

From Phil Cook’s new album “People Are My Drug” due out 6/1 via Psychic Hotline/Thirty Tigers! Pre-order your copy at

Phil Cook and the Guitarheels on tour this summer!

Info at

  1. Blocland Staff Awards Gold Award for Roast Chicken
  2. chicken
  3. I do 1 part salt to 12 parts water
  • LeMon

    Looks like Doris and Cheap Suit are having a little content-off.

    That bird recipe looks damned good

    • DFrye

      Fuck yes. Gonna try this recipe myself. I’m a-gonna listen to Phil while Cook-ing.

      • Black Antlers

        Similar recipe to my own though I usually prep me roast to Throbbing Gristle.

  • Saul Wright

    Love Phil and Amelia as always. This song is lovely! Recipe looks okay.

  • theyachtmaster

    Why not spatchcock my bro

    • Saul Wright

      would be very painful for your bro

  • Blochead4real

    I trust Doris opinion on all things culinary. And this is no exception. I usually go spicy on my bird so I’m excited to try the Doris, more herb centered, method
    Song is ass.

    • DFrye

      Don’t love this one but Southland Mission is awesome.

  • Cooolin

    Pretty good track but kinda screams quail to me, I dunno.

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