Pillorian have released the second single off their upcoming album, Obsidian Arc.

Before we get into that let’s rap a little. We’ve all been through rough break ups. Maybe you met someone very special. Maybe you thought there was a real connection there. Maybe you made the mistake in thinking it had the potential to last. I’m sure you two had a great run and formed memories that will stick with you for a lifetime. But everything comes to an end and like our elderly editor says, “somethings don’t work out”.

You may have entered a weird place afterwards. You’re friends pleaded with you to delete there number and unfollow them. You can follow their advice, but did any of that actually fix how you were feeling? The fact is you just don’t come out the same person you were going in.

That very well may be what is going on with John Haughm. Haughm was the vocalist and guitarist of the classic Portland, OR based black metal band, Agalloch. The band broke up last year citing the typical reasons. What’s bizarre is Haughm went on to form Pillorian while the rest of his former bandmates went on to form an entirely new band without him.


As someone who was expecting more of the same from Haughm, this is a surprise. What made Agalloch so special was their ability to display the beauty in the genre without falling back on shoegaze, blackgaze, or any other kind of gaze. The music was gorgeously constructed compositions aimed at snow topped pines and trickling streams just after the thaw.

Yeah, all of that’s gone now. It seems that Haughm has chopped down those pines and is now burning them in his Buick sized Citizen Kane style fire place. Pillorian takes a much harsher approach. “Archaen Divinity” has much more in common with Bathory than Ulver, whom Haughm used to take notes from. It’s a welcome surprise and I’m excited to see what comes next. I just hope John is okay.

Sound off in the comments with your worst break up story. We’re a supporting community after all.

Happy Valentine’s Day. You’re great.

Obsidian Arc is out 3/10. Pre-order it through Eisenwald.

  • Cooolin

    Back in undergrad, Colin has a massive crush on a guy. Asks him out over Facebook (he is in Japan for the summer). Rejected. School starts. Colin develops massive crush on new guy. Asks him out and new guy accepts dinner invitation until a week later when he texts that he’s “too busy.” Turns out he is now going out with guy Colin asked out a few months earlier. Colin goes for long angsty drive crying and listening to CHVRCHES.

    Also, this song slays.

    • lobster man

      Well fwiw I think you’re neat, Colin. Those two made a big mistake. I bet they can’t tell me a lick about black metal.

      • Cooolin

        Damn right.

  • Doris Montgomery

    No epic break ups yall. Ghosting is the modern move.

    • Cooolin

      Didn’t take you for the ghosting type, Doris. I’m disappointed.

  • Blochead4real

    Oh cool. When I was in the navy I went on a six month overseas tour on my ship. My little baby girl had been born 2 days before I left. So when I got back she was 6 months old. So our ship is pulling up and there are all the families waiting for the sailors. But my little family was nowhere to be seen. “Maybe she got the wrong date?” I thought. So I caught a ride home with a buddy to my apartment, which was empty. So I went around back and climbed up the railing to the second story deck and went in through the sliding glass door. To an empty apartment. Just weird. Then I heard my little baby crying in her crib. I went to the bedroom (which was empty save the crib) and there’s my little girl. My soon to be ex had literally watched me get dropped off through the window and then sneaked out the back, leaving the baby for me to find. She would abandon us and that’s the story of how in a single moment I went from being the happiest young husband and father on the planet to being a single dad at 21 with absolutely no idea what to do. And everything about me and my worldview would change forever. In that single moment.

    • lobster man

      Good gravy. I’m speechless. *internet hug*

      • Blochead4real

        Please keep in mind this is almost 30 years ago. It’s a distant memory. More like reciting a passage for a book I read or a movie I’ve seen. It doesn’t have much emotional wallop these days. It’s more a great tale to tell when people are comparing break up horror stories. Suffice it to say….I always win. LOL

        • DFrye

          That’s like an opposite Lifetime movie. Sheesh. Happy Valentine’s Day!

          This song is great.

    • Cooolin

      Holy shit. I don’t care how long ago this was, you also get an *internet hug*.