My 2018 musical prediction is: it’s about to be a banner year for thrash metal. There’s a whole slew reasons for this that I’m not going to get into now, but one of those reasons is the young San Franciscan crossover upstarts Primal Rite. Primal Rite has already turned a whole hell of a lot of heads with a string of EPs and demos dating back to 2016. The band plays a particularly cavernous and somewhat eerie take on the genre that should result in some surreal mosh pits. Their catchy riffs and timely socio-political subject matter has already made them a vital force in hardcore and thrash circles.

Now they’re gearing up to assert their position at the top of the heap with their debut full length Dirge of Escapism. Recently, they’ve shared the album’s closing track and third single “Immutable Law”. “Immutable Law” takes it’s time. We’re ushered in with heavy, filthy riffs to create tension until it’s off with angular leads and a throttled rhythm section. Vocalist Lucy Xavier bellows about rivers of blood and takes on the whole empire by herself with “I refuse to live in fear”. Give it a listen below. You need this.

Dirge of Escapism is out 1/26 on Revelation Records.