In the early 80’s thrash metal pioneers Metallica, and others that would soon follow, would combine the powerful forces of punk and metal. 35 years or so later the lines between the two greatest outsider genres blend and meld in an almost seamless manner. But at the time the entire IDEA of punk and metal “meeting in the middle” was akin to heresy. And Metallica justly deserves the accolades they have had heaped on them over the years for doing exactly that. But at it’s core Metallica is still a metal band. They did speed things up with punk leanings.

Let’s go back a few years. Let’s check out 1979. A full 4 years before the debut from Metallica.

Let’s listen to Motörhead’s “Overkill.” Listen to the first 30 seconds of this fucking song. It’s certainly not metal. And it’s most assuredly not punk. It’s too fast to be thrown on the heap of hard rock. There is a small, but adamant, group of people that will always claim Motörhead is the absolute beginning of the extreme metal scene that today rules the metal landscape. LEMMY FOREVER.

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        We are going to flood this site with metal until you people show some respect. Then we’re really gonna saturate this place.

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    I think this is your best post yet

    It’s metal for punks and punk for metal heads.

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    ‘Sister Christian’ is still their hottest track

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      I like One Week.