Which one are you???

Time to get in touch with yourself. Introspection is healthy and we’re hear to help.

So, which Alt-rock heartthrob are you? take the quiz to find out.

Which Ghostwriter character do you identify with? (You should have already taken the requisite ghostwriter personality quiz)

Where have all the Cowboys gone?

In which do you see the face of God?

Are you a...

What's your favorite music genre?

Which is my best angle?

  • lobster man

    Darius Rucker. Thank god

    • LeMonjello

      You’re a total Darrius.

      • Caleb Tripp

        I too, am Darius. Guilty Confession? I love Hootie.

        • LeMonjello

          who doesn’t love a little hootie?

          • Caleb Tripp

            I’ll just leave this here…

          • Caleb Tripp

            I didn’t expect that to be so large.

          • LeMonjello

            didn’t expect that to be so in charge.

    • Doris Montgomery

      Same #TeamRucker

      • Black Antlers

        All roads lead to Rucker

  • theyachtmaster

    I got Randy Rhoads

  • Cooolin

    I always knew I was an Eagle Eye Cherry before I knew what an Eagle Eye Cherry was.

    • meat

      Me too!

  • Padfoot24

    I never felt that I was worthy of Matt Scannel’s soul patch but this quiz has been an inspiration

  • DFrye

    Look, I’m bald too so not casting aspersions but Darrius has the biggest fucking forehead I’ve ever seen. The guy looks like a well-adjusted version of Roger from American Dad. Hootie hoo.

    • LeMonjello

      So you’re more of an Ed?

      • DFrye

        Ed Asner

  • Blochead4real

    Lede dropped by all. Lem posting sex face pics and shit.

  • raptor jesus

    Of course I get the slightly Christian rock frontman of Vertical Horizon.

    • Blochead4real

      Same. And I don’t even know that band. Sometimes I feel like all Lem’s bullshit is just to set me up.

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