Going to the “Big Game” means brushing shoulders with big shots!  With that in mind, I’m proud to present to you, the world famous rap star T.I., tailgating in the NRG Stadium parking lot in Houston before the Super Bowl!  It was definitely T.I. and not someone else. He’s crouching behind that large group of people which may have included some other famous celebs!  It might be tough to see him, but he’s there!  There was a dumpster on fire behind me so I had to rush the shot, but it’s him alright. Here’s the dumpster so you know I’m not wrong.

I didn’t meet him, but I saw him throw a football to that young kid, second from the right, with the orange shoes on.  “Wow, that’s T.I.!”, said the lady standing next to me, so I know it was him.  On Saturday I saw Jerry Rice, but then I found out it was Reggie Wayne, so I can admit when I’m wrong.  This was T.I.!

As our star rises, you’ll probably see many more celebs from us.  Stay tuned…


  • Blochead4real

    I can totally imagine TI being right behind that big guy!!! Sometimes the best pic is the one that leaves things for the mind to fill in. Genius

  • Cooolin

    Nice picture of the Atlanta Falcons there. (LOLOLOL)

  • DFrye

    Was this in Houston, Scotland?

    • meat

      Texas! 2 hrs east of Boston.