Marius Lauber, sole member of Roosevelt, returns with another example of the perfect lounge-y electro pop he brought us on his solo debut last year as well as the killer remix album of same from earlier this year. Check out remixes on that one from the likes of Young Marco and Prins Thomas (TWICE!!)
This one is a stone cold slick as fuck remix of “Moving On” I remain somewhat baffled how this guy has remained somewhat off the radar of many. If you like you them bloops and bleeps all wrapped up in a ridiculously slick package this cat is gonna hit your sweet spot. Glenn, you worthless box of lemur dung, bring me a drink with rum, fruit, and an umbrella. STAT. I’ll know if you spit in it. Cuz cameras.

  • Cooolin

    Agreed, Roosevelt got the hardcore slip from the blogosphere. Not cool. This album was electro-pop magic.

    I’m not totally sold on this remix though … mostly because it just sends me back to the original which I just adore.