Some hero placed this track on the Raptor Jesus weekly Stereogum Weekend Party playlist. Prior to that I had never heard of ShitKid. A quick Bandcamp perusal yields the following data…..

ShitKid is the project of 24-year-old Åsa Söderqvist who made her debut last spring with a self-titled debut EP, which quickly propelled her into being one of the most talked about new acts in Sweden. Originally from the north of Sweden, Åsa moved to Gothenburg after high school, starting a feminist punk band and acting amongst other things, before turning inward and recording what would become her debut EP on a broken computer at home, while learning to use GarageBand. The end result was a distinct sound, mixing lo-fi sensibilities and catchy songwriting with Åsa’s unmistakeable vocals.

Ain’t the intertubes great? A hack idiot like me can just cut and paste any ol’ thang and BLAMMO! Blocland content is generated. I did it all for the Doris. The Doris. Anyfuck, this ShitKid project is more of my beloved “Classic American Music Gone To Hell.” And as much as I love it when fine American lads (or ladettes) do this kind of thing it’s even better when some of them furry foreigners pull it off. See also: The Ravenonettes. It feels like a celebration and mocking of classic American music/culture (societal norms. Not Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo) The thing that really caught my ear was the cacophony that seems to come out of nowhere midway through the track. It’s a damn fine cut and a worthy addition to the “old dog” collection.

Enjoy, GothenMuricans

  • Cooolin

    Okay now THIS is really good.

  • DFrye

    I feel this tune should soundtrack some sort of American coming of age stealing-beer-from-the-local-convenience-store kind of scene