Shoegaze greats Slowdive make their triumphant return today. And there’s something about this band reuniting that simply works. This album feels absolutely 1993 and 2017 at the same time. I wish I had those good words that real journalists know how to use that explains that comment. Suffice it to say there’s a space/time vortex where Slowdive work in both eras. There’s no sharp edges here. Nothing to jar the listener. Just gentle and kind swirls of melody just spinning around and around. The idea of middle aged shoegaze is both ironic and wondrous. Slowdive isn’t trying to be themselves from 25 years ago. They are perfectly comfortable being exactly who they are today. And I am grateful.

There’s been several albums that have come out this year that I thought were very nice. But this is the first one that after a single listen all I can think is “Album Of The Year” Man, I dunno. If you don’t like this band, this album, this song… are simply dead inside. Cuz this thing is giving me all the feels.