There’s a scene in Mike Mills’ 2011 film Beginners where Mary Page Keller explains primal scream therapy to her son. She puts him in a room and closes the door to give him a space to let it all out. Her son, understandably confused, says, “But I don’t feel like screaming.” Keller replies, “You will.” That’s what Closer’s debut, All This Will Be, immediately reminded me of. I know nothing about primal scream therapy, but I think we can all agree that sometimes when things pile up it just feels good to let it all out in a harmless, unproductive, and animal way.

When drummer and vocalist Ryann Slauson isn’t unpacking poetic spoken word pieces, she’s hitting us with full bodied screams meant to reach a release. These tracks often settle in on one lyric like “All I want is something familiar” on “Hardly Art” or “Call it what it is” on “Three Halloweens” until the words become meaningless and all that’s left is the raw emotional weight. The rest of the band matches Slauson’s intensity with stuttering, unpredictable post-hardcore that I can see fitting in a basement as well as some kind of performance art gallery event. Check it out below.

All This Will Be is out now on Lauren Records.


    Female vocalist and drummer… 🔥🔥😍