I live in a deep valley that often gets swamped with thick fog and mist for days on end. This last week has been particularly bleak, the fluffy Christmas-time snow gone stale and now just a mirror for the cold grey skies. It’s claustrophobic, but hell, I love this weather. It seems like I’ve been cut off from the rest of the world by walls of clouds and mountains; all the nonsense I see on the Internet or television is just part of the seasonal insanity.

Anyway, I made a playlist that’s like musical stew for this grey-ass weather, with a nice helping of Nordic pop. There’s no order, so shuffle away.

  • LeMonjello

    was a misty morn here as well

  • Doris Montgomery

    Stephen King is gonna sue our asses

    • Cooolin

      Could really use that Pizza Hut money

  • DFrye

    I’m rockin The Mist as we speak and I think I like it.

    • DFrye

      Yo this Algiers track remixed by Prurient is bad ass.

      • Cooolin

        It’s the mistiest of them all

  • theyachtmaster

    hey ur valley sounds bitchin

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