Toronto’s aptly named Tomb Mold will be returning with their sophomore album Manor of Infinite Forms in June. Today they have shared the album’s lead single “Abysswalker”. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Tomb Mold, but that’s not to say it’s exactly what you’d expect from a band called Tomb Mold. Tomb Mold play a strand of old school death metal that takes cues from both Death and Incantation, which doesn’t make them sound all that special. But it’s what they do while combining those influences that makes them a band be invested in. There’s a higher premium placed on song craft as opposed to their more space cadet and noodle minded contemporaries. “Abysswalker” is as gnarly and disfigured as the band’s name (and that cover art) would suggest while also flipping the script on gross sounding old school death metal by injecting lots of melody and strangely delicious riffs. Check it out below.

Manor of Infinite Forms is out 6/8 on 20 Buck Spin.