Morning Bloclanders! Let’s talk about Wes Anderson for a minute. We all love his movies, right? From Bottle Rocket to The Grand Budapest Hotel and everything in between the guy has a unique and wonderful sense of filmmaking. But I’m not here to talk about all that mess. Let’s talk about his amazing soundtracks for a second. For lack of a better set of terms I think we can safely refer to his movies as “precious” or “twee.” Coming from some those descriptors might feel like slurs but I personally hold both of those words in the highest regard. And what does the most twee director in the world love to splay all over his soundtracks? The Rolling Stones, of course. But aren’t The Beatles far more precious and twee than The Stones, you might ask? This is the lie that we we’ve been told to believe, right? And yet a man with an impeccable ear for soundtracking consistently goes with Stones songs to help tell his little tales o’ twee. I mean if The Beatles aren’t better at things that aren’t straight up blues inspired rock and roll, which The Stones are obviously the KINGS of, what other “The Beatles are better than The Stones” lies are we collectively believing? Can’t help but wonder about Kyrie Irving’s feelings on the topic.

Annnnnnnnyyyyyycrap…’s a neat little Wes Anderson playlist I found on the Spotify machine. It’s pretty fucking twee. And has quite a bit of Stones. And a single Beatles track.

  • Doris Montgomery

    are you trying to get fired ?

    • Blochead4real

      Whatever are you talking about?
      I’m aghast, confused, I mean, golly gee
      Just posting your beloved content
      With a focus on my beloved twee

    • Cooolin

      This guy needs to watch some Michael Bay. We’re losin’ him fast.

  • lobster man

    The soundtracks are pretty twee but I think his movies are secretly too heavy to be totally twee. There isn’t much whimsy in people in a late in life emotional free fall.

    • Blochead4real

      I feel a rumble brewing between the metal contingent and the twee coalition on this site. Meet me at the bike racks at 5:00 You bring your mace, flaming skulls, and cat o nine tails. Rest assured I’ll be packing the collected works of Emily Dickinson, a VINTAGE bolo tie, and my best cardigan.


      • Cooolin

        Twees won’t show up cuz they’ll still be in line for brunch

  • Saul Wright

    I think he’s a Kinks guy, really.


    DEVO: always Twee

    • Doris Montgomery


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