Vanbot, born Ester Ideskog,is an interesting electronic music artist from Sweden. Her last album, Perfect Storm, was a very nice collection of Swedish electronic pop. Very well produced and performed if not a little boiler plate in nature. As we all know Swedes have impeccable pop sensibilities and that entire album was a pretty reliable representation of the type. She’s recently released her third album, Siberia, and this is quite a departure from that electro-pop release.

This small statement taken from her homepage “Last spring, an impulse to flee the ordinary and mundane resulted in a personal and musical adventure along the Trans-Siberian Railway . Vanbot (Ester Ideskog) set out on a seventeen-day journey from Moscow to Beijing – together with producer/mixer Johannes Berglund and Petter Winnberg – and completed her third album from start to finish along the journey.”

This album has a very singular feel. Across the 11 songs and 57 run time the entire affair has a very hollow and ghostly vibe that swirls and envelops the listener. The change from the last album to this one is stunning. There’s nothing extraneous or haphazard about this. It’s a wonderfully spartan affair. This feels very much like a 2017 sleeper. I would stop short of using the term “concept album” but there is definitely a central motif that the entire album moves through and around. Summing up: I dig the FUCK out of this. It reminds me a little bit out the best stuff Casey Dienel did with her White Hinterland project. And maybe a bit of Julianna Barwick. Obviously this has much more upbeat rhythmic components but the looped sounds remind me a bit of Barwick (WHO I ADORE)

Here’s a single track from the album. “On The Fly – Omsk” If you like this one you will likely enjoy the entire album. If you do take the time to listen to the album go back and listen to Perfect Storm from 2013 to see just how far she’s moved in her musical journey over the past 5 years or so.

  • Donnytilla

    I’m getting some witch house vibes on this one. Damn. Like a gentle Salem in this B.

  • Cooolin

    Usually not my cup of tea (or should I say, sip of vodka LOL) but damn this album has a nice, consistent, chilly groove to it that I like a lot.