The Denver black metal act Wayfarer are set to release their third album World’s Blood at the end of the month. We’ve already heard the epic “The Dreaming Plane” and now the band is sharing the album’s opening track “Animal Crown”. The song opens with echoed and stuttering riffs and a tight militaristic beat in a way that sounds like New Order. The band then quickly speeds into a black metal gallop that could also serve as the main theme for any classic Western starring Clint Eastwood. From there, we’re enveloped in dreamy prog before catapulting back into the dramatic and engrossing metal stampede. Listen below.

World’s Blood is out 5/25 on Profound Lore.

  • Cooolin

    This is tight. Denver is v metal.

    • lobster man

      Denver’s gonna be dropping some heat with this one.

  • Black Antlers

    This is a classic case of the cover drawing me into the album.

    • lobster man

      Kinda eerie and very intriguing

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