How does the Blocland readership define “rips?”

You know what. This song got me feeling rough. F your opinion. No rules just right here at Blocland.

The Weather Station’s “Thirty” is windows down folk. You can tell she is up to something by the teases of electric guitar and bass drum in the intro. Also there is a slight ringing. Signs of trouble ahead. She picks it up around 1:20 and then again at 2:30. This song fucking rips. Listen to it a few times in a row to really feel its power.

I am going to quote fellow Blocland folk fan Saul Wright here:

She’s an underrated gem of the neo-folk multiverse and judging from this lively, compelling single, her forthcoming album just might bring her the greater audience she deserves.
Songs with no choruses are the best.
Thanks Saul. Take a listen to “Thirty” below.

The Weather Station’s S/T is out 10/6/17. Pre-Order from the great Paradise of Bachelors

  • Cooolin

    IT RIPS!

    • Doris Montgomery