The band Weezer. Owner of two albums1. Those albums are titled Pinkerton and The Blue Album

Two near perfect albums if you ask me. Two for two. 

Weezer has yet to release more than two albums. They just have the two. Again those two albums are Pinkerton and The Blue Album.

Pinkerton is about wanting and not wanting to have sex while also being kinda creepy. The Blue Album is about partying but being a nerd. Two great ideas on two great albums. Two great themes on two great albums.

New Weezer nickname idea: Two for Two. Never seen a band go more two for two than Weezer has. 

Once again Weezer. Two albums. Good ole’ Two for Two. 

This is Grahm Francis Ritter the 3rd Signing Off. 

  1. To the tune of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes
  • Padfoot24

    sHurley you must be mistaken

  • Doris Montgomery

    Welcome to the team. Good, factually correct, first article. Hopefully your 2nd is as good so we can call you Two for Two. Lol

    • Cooolin

      Good hire, boss!

  • Caleb Tripp

    this is the hot take that 2018 deserves

  • LeMon

    What a voice of credibility and authority! welcome Graham Francis Ritter III

  • Saul Wright

    I agree with this take. I’ve also had it up to here (forehead-level) with the recent attempted canonization of The Green Album as part of the good era.


    • Blochead4real

      It’s weird cuz the author was PRETTY clear they only have two albums and yet here you are mentioning a third album. This confuses me. But since you are just some random person babbling from the internet wastelands I will put my faith in the author, who surely did more research than you, that they have just the two albums.

  • Cooolin

    Wow, Grahm really had to dig through the encyclopedia for this one! What fine research! We needed some brains on this team.

  • lobster man

    YEah two for two. Two for two for straight crap!!!!

    • DFrye

      Number two = poop.

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