It’s been a minute since our interview with White Reaper, And Bloclands own Raptor Jesus review of their most recent album is a few months old as well.

Would hate for you to forget the best RAWK album of 2017. If that clock on the wall is getting close to letting you loose for the weekend there is only one release this year that is the soundtrack for friday night. Sink your teeth into “Daisies” and consider asking that hot chick at the bar to go home with ya. You’ve got a Camaro, right?

  • raptor jesus

    Fun Fact: This was the last song written for the album. It’s also Tony’s favorite. The band has been practicing to pull this song off on stage. Tony said he accidentally wrote a difficult guitar lick that makes it tough to sing at the same time. They assured me “Daisies” would be played live when I see them next!

    • Cooolin

      That fact was, indeed, quite fun.

  • DFrye

    I DO have a Camaro! Awesome.