Okay, so-called “summer music,” you’ve had your moment in the sun — but time to pack away the cheer and make room for the kings and queens of autumn. Exhibit A: Alice Glass, who thankfully has given the middle finger to her tumultuous past with Crystal Castles and promising an album that allegedly captures the sound of “being slowly consumed by a snake.” Jeepers!

If that’s the case, “Without Love” is the seduction step of that, um, “process.” This is a slick, bona fide pop gem, a darker take of what Grimes was doing so gloriously on Art Angels. Glass’s voice isn’t as unique as Claire Boucher’s, but her hooks still slice through the cold-yet-glittering production with subdued fury. I can’t wait to be cranking this while driving through icy fog on a late-October morning.

  • lobster man

    This is really good

  • raptor jesus

    That “tell me what to swallow” lyric throwen’ back to the the old CC days!

  • Doris Montgomery


    • Cooolin

      Coming next week: Playlist for Hot Chocolate and Blizzard Sex

      • Cooolin

        dammit this was a good comment