Man it’s been so hot out lately. But I guess that’s typical for the middle of summer. ANYWHO… You voted! We counted? And the winner is…

SLIDE! By Taylor Swift’s ex #369 feat. Frank Ocean & Those guys from the Ellen De Generes show.



Runner up was that Arca joint that almost made me pee my pants.

Future was never in the running.

All claims of massive voter fraud are probably true, but will NOT be taken seriously.


  • raptor jesus

    I liked it better when it was called “Slide On Me”

    OK I can’t stand behind that completely. This song rocks. I’m just still ashamed of everyone that didn’t listen to Endless as much as blond.

    • Padfoot24

      I blame Def Jam

  • Blochead4real

    WOW. A Certified Killer!!! or W.A.C.K.

  • Doris Montgomery

    was gonna say something then heard the jam

    • Padfoot24


      • Doris Montgomery

        on listen #5