Brace yourself, Universe. Alejandro Ghersi (aka Arca) is back. He’s releasing a new self-titled album on 4/7. If you’ve yet to dip your toes in the waters with this artist this new track is a great place to start. The phrase “next level” is thrown around far too often. In the case of ARCA it’s absolutely vital. He’s the singular most forward looking artist in his, or any other, genre. This one is a slow and hypnotic joint with only a kiss of synth floating in the background behind odd and effecting vocals. This is another step forward in the evolution of an artist who was already head and shoulders above the pack.

  • Doris Montgomery

    “He’s the singular most forward looking artist in his, or any other, genre. ”

    You mean Kanye right?

    • Blochead4real

      Doris can you teach me how to post from 2004?

    • DFrye

      Kanye’s forthcoming album is being produced by ARCA. Hot Blocland scoop!

      But anyway, these vox kinda remind me of what Scott Walker was going for on that Sunn O))) collab.

      • Blochead4real

        Yeah, ARCA was heavily involved with Yeezus as well. Even the greatest artists eventually run out of gas and look to the new innovators to help keep their sound from getting stale. Good on Ye for recognizing that time has come.

  • lobster man

    Color me intrigued. This feels more like an intro to me. I like the idea of Arca putting out previews instead of singles.

    • raptor jesus

      Now that I’ve seen the “Anoche” video, it’s a definite intro. Because “Anoche” is godlike.