The New York progressive death metal-ers, Artificial Brain, are set to release their new album, Infrared Horizon, this April. The album follows along the story line of a dystopian future where robots and cyborgs have outlived human beings and believe themselves to be the next step in evolution. It sounds like a less heart warming Wall-E.  Now, they have shared the album’s lead single, “Synthesized Instinct”. The track features the spaced-out Gorguts-ian take on tech death they displayed on 2014’s Labyrinth Constellation. This time around, however, there appears to be more emphasis placed on melody and there’s even some black metal influence here and there. Listen to it below and steer clear of black holes.

Infrared Horizon is out on 4/21. Preorder it from Profound Lore Records.

  • DFrye

    These guys are just getting started I feel. This is fantastic. That melodic sensibility def sets them apart from the tech death pack, which I typically don’t like.

    • lobster man

      For sure. Labyrinth Constellation is great and all but I’m expecting this one to be a leap forward. I know I mentioned the Gorguts thing already but I’d love to see some Obscura nuttery from them.

      • DFrye

        Pre-order complete. Thank you Blocland!