Hey. Playlists are fun! We should share them here on bland more often.  Especially since those dumb fucks from Spotify 86’d DMs.

Today we are celebrating two birthdays! First (and oldest!) lovable shower sitting Old Dog namesake of Blocland himself: blochead! Last and not least (but squirtiest!): Mr LeMonJello!

I (jk it wasn’t my idea, it was Lem’s) propose a contest! Make a quick playlist increasing from less intense, to more intense.  That’s it frens! Go heckin nuts frens!

Here’s mine! It’s a playlist full of my my favorite shower singalong songs increasing on a gentle gradient. It’s called “u have to stand to dance in the shower” and I like it a lot.

Since showers aren’t as long as this playlist (unless a) either you slip and fall and need some music to keep u company until the ambulance comes,  or b) you’re a all-the-hot-water-user like fucking GLENN), start it at the intensity level you desire and let it loop around until yr done sudsin. “Break” is in there as a comedown track to bring it around town if u need it to.