The Holidays are here! And ten bucks says you’re stressing about finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. We understand, it’s a lot of pressure to express your love through an appropriately budgeted well-thought-out gift. Lucky for you, we are here to guide you! Browse our list below to find just the gift you’re looking for!
-Lem, Colin, Saul, & Lobster

This Horse

What a fancy lad! Which of your loved ones wouldn’t give their right arm to be seen with this dashing horse? Make their holiday dreams come true, and put this horse under their tree.

This Ugly Horse

You’ve got someone in your life who doesn’t want gifts and asks you to donate to charity or some shit instead. Well, you want charity? Give your self-righteous Aunt Linda this ugly-ass horse. Give it a couple years and she’ll be spewin’ some nonsense like “I didn’t save the horse, the horse saved me.”

This Hip Horse

Control-era Janet Jackson was drafted early in her career until she incurred an injury at 6 years of age. Since used as a broodmare. Produced some lovely foals and enjoys slow dancing. Her injury hasn’t affected her since and she is a good mare to ride mustering etc or compete. Quiet and switched on to cattle/early 80s experimental electronic music.

These Sexy Horses

What’s better than matching tattoos? Matching horses! You and your soulmate will be bound for life with these beautiful beasts. After all, “horse” is French for “romance.”

This Horse Named Horse Huey Lewis

Horse Huey Lewis is a fantastic gelding and a charming gentleman. Beautiful natured, easy, quiet, very versatile, decent drummer, well trained. Suitable for any discipline. Campdrafted with scores up to 91, placed countless times but still a maiden. Hell of a horse for any young musician interested in the DIY cassette scene.

This Milk and Cookies-Ass Horse

Okay, you’re loved one is a bit more discerning than your average loved one. Well we’ve found just the holiday gift for even most difficult to shop for! This here horse. This horse looks like cookies and cream, YUM!
  • lobster man

    Good list. There are exactly 4 horses that are better looking than exceedingly beautiful blocland staff.

  • Cooolin

    What a practical and informative guide. I just hope I have enough wrapping paper.


    Is this a OSFA kinda thing or do they come in small, med, or lg? Asking for a friend.

    • LeMon

      Our gift recommendations come in all shapes and sizes. Each with specific type of person in mind. We’ve included enough gift options to surely cover any loved one you have in mind!
      Except small, no small gifts here. Nor medium for that matter.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Lol imagine being in the middle of the sexy horses would be crazy but also fun