Introducing The Blocland Buzz! A new Feature on your favorite web blog Every time I feel like doing this post I’ll ask a few of our writers what the buzz is. They know that’s code for whats cool right now. They will then submit a “Buzz” to me which I will approve or reject. If rejected the offending writer will be offered to the Sun God. If the buzz is approved the writer must come up with a “blurb” about the subject. They will then submit the blurb to me which I will approve or reject. Once approved I will take the “blurb” that was approved and add the content to the visual editor of WordPress. WordPress is the platform the blog uses to publish content. Think of it as Microsoft Excel but just for text and images and for online only.

Once we have 5 approved “blurbs” the piece is ready for publish. Once it is published it will be “live” on the internet. Now with that said:

Enjoy the first The Blocland Buzz!

Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

No I’m not talking about the real thing! I’d have to be getting laid for that to happen. I’m talking about the ambient pop (Credit to wiki. It kinda works but there is more going on here so give it a listen. The only thing I like to put labels on is my lunch because people steal shit out of the Blocland refrigerator.) group led by Greg Gonzalez. Is this post-coital music? Someone have some sex and tell us in the comments!


Bunco Parties

It’s this dumb dice game that swept the nation of middle American moms, including many Mormon’s circles. I think the Church had to put an end to it because it was too much like gambling. [Sounds fun! -Ed.]



Pit Vipers

These ferocious snakes live in a pit.

[Wait? What? Oh you mean the sunglasses. Got it. I’ll fix that for you! -Ed.]


Pit Viper Sunglasses

Blades that demand respect & authority.

Caleb Tripp


Job Applications

Joining the real world after college? Good luck on that without one of these job applications.

Invented in 1624 by Dorther Bartholomew III, job applications are forms that you fill out if you want to work at a company or shop.


Fidget Spinners

Y’all seen these around town. They have infiltrated Blocland Staff Offices as well! You can always catch one of your favorite staff members tossing a slink spin or two at their desk or during a staff meeting. We have a fun office so spin away!

Auto Post Bot




  • LeMonjello

    Well done Auto Post bot, very articulate.

    • Doris Montgomery

      Much better than what bloc submitted

      • DFrye

        I heard about his literal cigarettes after sex. Ewww.

    • Cooolin

      And if you truly love Auto Post Bot, GIT OUTTA HERE WITH THAT CORN

      • LeMonjello

        the corn has only made it stronger.

  • Caleb Tripp

    I am buzzing about that proper quote attribution

  • raptor jesus

    “If rejected the offending writer will be offered to the Sun God.”

    Is this because I suggested “Buzzen'” about Cut Copy’s new album? Because “Sun God” is STILL a fire track and new Cut Copy should be “buzz’d” about no?


    • Cooolin

      I’m with you on Cut Copy. But even I’ll admit that’s some pretty lukewarm buzz.

  • Donnytilla

    Cigarettes after sex is TIGHT

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