This is it, Blocland faithful. We are just pleased as peaches to announce the inaugural BlocFest 2017, proudly sponsored by [currently soliciting bids from many tremendously powerful corporations], this November on the magnificent shores of Lake Koocanusa. Which is less than a two hour drive from wherever you are right now! Don’t be a scrooge, get your tickets to the festival that’s really gonna kick off the 2018 summer festival season!

Some assholes at the future site of the Shrimp Pit™.

Featuring an array of pass options for every budget…


Sure, Ya Fucking Scud – $19.99

  • You can look through the fence, ya piece of shit

Silver – $99.99:

  • A 7’x2′ rectangle on the ground
  • Complimentary morning shramp bowl

Gold – $299.99:

  • Two trees for stringing up a hammock (hammock NOT provided)
  • Bathroom access from 2-4 p.m. ONLY
  • Complimentary shramp bucket with ketchup packets — please don’t ask for extras

Platinum – $999.99

  • Access to the entire event (including 24-HOUR BATHROOM PRIVILEGES … and yes, it’s a goddamn privilege)
  • With your paid Platinum entry, find yourself whisked away from the rest of the rabble by none other than Blocland’s own elusive genius, Doris Montgomery! The festival is your oyster as you walk hand in hand (don’t let go) with Doris as she whispers juicy gossip about the staff and all the performers that are scheduled for the weekend (Spoiler Alert: Darren Frye is a hugger)
  • On Saturday evening, the Yachtmaster himself will take you to his special “Crow’s Nest” (basically a scrubby oak with a couple of pine boards about 20’ up), and YOU get to join him in a chorus of jeers to the “less thans” below who don’t have YOUR Platinum package! Spitting is 100% permissible and encouraged.
  • Feeling like $999.99 is cheap at this point?  Hold on now, youngster … There’s more! Yes, once we are 100% sure your debit card has gone through and the funds are absolutely available, you will be presented with a framed BlocFest 2017 poster signed by the entire Blocland staff.  (Look…we just need 5-6 six people to buy this package and fund this entire debacle. BE THAT PERSON.)

So much Blocciness, so little time. Fortunately, we’ve got the stages to try and contain the magic and mayhem…



Shrimp Pit 

Chillwave Chill Cave

WitchHouse House of Houses

Tightwave Hole of the Unknown 

Wheel of Twee

Vaporwave Vape Station and Stage Sponsored by (Featuring 311 Vape Pens!)

Arby’s presents Flesh Mountain — Metal so ferocious it’ll melt the flesh right off your scrawny ass (Free Beef ‘n Cheddars for survivors)

Glamo Stage — Featuring the best “glamo” bands of the oughts including, PANIC! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Sonny Moore (AKA Skrillex), Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz (acoustic set), Adam Lambert might show up

Sweet Sensations ASMR tent

Blocland’s Underwater Reverse Silent Disco Hut — You don’t wanna miss this one, folks. Everybody wears noise cancelling headphones while the hottest DJs slam down fat beats, forcing participants to dance to the pulsating rhythms in their chest. DJ’s are placed underwater for optimum sound reverberation!

Donny’s Room — A tent where our esteemed guests are bound with hundreds of ropes and  the AC is turnt to 12 degrees F.  Afterward, volunteers are asked which they preferred more: ”tight” or “chill”. 

Vaseline Alley — Details to be revealed at the festival.

Some squares who wish they were at BlocFest right now.



We at Blocland think safety is optional, but of course our HR buzzkills are making us hire a full staff of medical personnel for any unforeseen medical emergencies.  As well as foreseen ones. Like idiots that visited Vaseline Alley.

Look HR. Got a stupid safety mobile. Happy now?

Buy your tickets NOW, and then see the lineup LATER! Because that’s how these things work. Sorry we don’t write the rules. Stay tuned!

  • Blochead4real

    Those poor fools at Lake Koocanusa better be ready for the mass of humanity coming at them. Vaseline Alley is gonna be quite something.

    • Cooolin

      Local chamber of commerce requested we use organic, non-GMO vaseline.

      • Black Antlers

        Is there going to be a Tunnel Of Goats? Also Bloc has a ‘mystery guest’ vote

        • LeMonjello

          more like a lounge.

        • Cooolin

          Not a baaaaaaaaaad idea.

  • raptor jesus
  • LeMonjello

    You’ll catch me keeping it tight in the chillwave chill cave.

    • Cooolin


      • DFrye


  • lobster man

    What’s the going rate for blocland staffers?

    • Blochead4real

      We get in free of charge. But wait for the continued rollout as you will have specific duties at the ‘fest. On a completely different note…..please don’t shave your back from now until the event. You too, Frye

      • DFrye

        Got it. Furry post-Vaseline Alley hugs for all!

        • Cooolin

          See, you DO want to work Vaseline Alley.

          • DFrye

            “Want” is a strong word. So is “work”.

      • Doris Montgomery

        10% additional

    • Cooolin

      All staff will be forced to volunteer. But I’ll ask our contacts at Arby’s if you supervise Flesh Mountain for us.

      • Black Antlers

        I’m guessing this doesn’t stretch to covering my travel expenses across the Atlantic.

        • Cooolin

          We’ll send the Blocland company yacht.

          • Blochead4real

            his wittle arms get soooo tired tho

  • meat

    We should be throwing this thing in Kokomo like I suggested

  • Doris Montgomery

    Glenf will be on hand to lick your wounds

    • Cooolin

      Well shit we need a new wound-licker


    Is there a vegan option for Flesh Mountian survivors?

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