Blocland is excited to announce “Blocland Premium” a brand new experience for the Blocland faithful. We are often asked by our fans for more access and this is a way to accomplish that. For only $10/month you get:

  • Followed by Blochead4real on Twitter. Bloc will like, retweet and even reply to your tweets.
  • Full Access to the Blocland Porta Potty. Don will leave when you enter. He will also clean up after you so feel free to cut loose.
  • Teasers to Blocland’s world famous Event Pieces: The Future of Online Content.
  • Collin will be your personal assistant.
  • Glennf will settle your personal HR issues.
  • You will be mailed shrimp in envelopes.
  • Meat will like you on Bumble.
  • Exclusive content poor people can’t afford. Stuff about jets and balloons.
  • Plus many more to come!

Look for more information to come in August! We are all really excited.

Pre-register in the comments!

(Glennf’s career depends on it considering the meager reaction to Summer of Chillwave. Oooph come on Glennf.)