This could be you composing Blocland’s theme song

Blocland needs a theme song. More importantly Blocland needs a free theme song. Finances are still tight due to our lack of Corporate Sponsors (cough Corona cough).

The Blocland Board of Directors decided the best way to get a free theme song was to hold a competition among our immense readership. I agreed. So here is my request for Blocland theme song submissions.

Feeling creatively trapped? Looking for an outlet to rock and catapult to super stardom? Tired of LAME theme songs your parents still sing around the house?

Well that’s over and done with now!

Blocland is Proud to Present and Introduce Blocland’s Theme Song Competition!

That’s right! Your favorite website is looking for people like you to submit a theme song for use on all Blocland related content.

Interested? You bet you are. Check out the guidelines below.

We hate rules at Blocland thats why the only requirement is that the song can only be 30-45 seconds long. That’s it! Choose any instrument you want you creative genius.

These guys are definitely rocking out a theme song. Looking great fellas!

Submit your entry to with a subject line that reads: Blocland Theme Song Submission: Scorpion Style. Please include your online or real name in the body.

Submissions will be accepted until September 19th at 11:59PM! We will then post an article on Blocland with all the submissions for users to vote on. The winner is the one with the most votes. Blocland will own ALL RIGHTS to the winning song and can use it for any Blocland related content in the future.

And who knows maybe this will launch you and or your band into fame and or fortune.

If there are 0-1 submissions I will pretend this never happened.

Now get rocking!

  • Doris Montgomery

    wow what a great opportunity

  • Blochead4real

    Which Blocland superstar artists are gonna join the rank amateurs in this? FJM? Kendrock Lemur? COUCH FUCKING SLUT!?!?!?!

    The mind spins.

    • Doris Montgomery

      how much glockenspiel you gonna hve in yours you twee loving bastard

  • Cooolin

    Maaaaaaaaaaan this sounds like a lotta effort

  • meat

    “na na na na na na na na
    na na na na na na na na

    give me money

    • Cooolin


    • Doris Montgomery

      it has to be an audio file

  • lobster man

    Make sure it’s about friendship and writing about music and trying your best to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes cuz we’re all going through something. The core values of blocland.

    • Doris Montgomery

      nailed it

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