by Cooolin, LeMonjello, & Lobsterman

In honor of #NationalSandwichDay, we here at Blocland have created our own Dagwood-worthy stacked playlist. Meats and cheeses and some little surprises, sandwiched between sturdy indie-rock bread. Open your ears, open wide.

So what’s in this bad boy?

Whole Grain Bread – You can’t have a sandwich without bread (nice try, liberals, but there’s no such thing as a “pita sandwich”), and you can’t have a good sandwich without good bread! And our Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever bread is pure, delicious, and slightly grainy without overstaying its welcome.

Mustard – We’re gonna lay down something spicy, a real kick to keep this sandwich alive and kickin. Duchess Says has the mustard we’re looking for.

LettuceAlela Diane has that crisp, healthy sound, like a nice chunk of romaine. Good enough.

Cheddar CheeseAlex Cameron brings the cheese, the cheesiest of cheese.

Big Ol’ Slice of Beef – When you’re putting roast beef on your sandwich, commitment is a must. You want that puppy to be nice and thick. It needs to be something you can really sink your teeth into. The dense cacophony of Godflesh‘s recent single “Post Self” more than fits the bill. The hefty,repetitive guitar lines mixed with trip hop inflected beats and Justin Broadrick’s gnarled howl will give you something to chew over before the next ingredient hits.

GoudaMUNA brings the GOUDA. This underrated band offers blissful electro-pop that is kinda cheesy, but it’s tastefully cheesy. They really bring the sandwich together.

Fried Egg – It’s a fried egg. Egg as the plain on your face. Egg is nice. Brought to you by PineEgg. Them?

Fish – Fish are fuckin’ slippery, man. But if you hold that sandwich real tight and keep the fish from slippin’ out and smacking the floor of the break room, you’re in for a scrumptious treat. A little funky, a little off-putting at first, but we guarantee you’ll never have a fish-less sandwich again. PB & J & Trout? Hell yeah. And the peanut butter can keep the little fucker from poppin’ out.

Whole Lobster – I know what you’re thinking: “Lobster on a mid afternoon sandwich? Must be nice”. Well, it is. That’s just the kind of lifestyle us Blocland writers are afforded for our journalistic excellence and shrewd ear for the hottest sounds. Lobster’s gonna be flavorful (like me). There’s no way around it. You want something that’s going get that tongue salivating, but nothing that’s going to overpower the rest of the ingredients. We like our lobster in the form of The War On Drugs. Just listen to that lushness on “Strangest Thing”. It’s apparent that Adam Granduciel and co. are seasoned studio perfectionists, but they don’t beat you over the head with the details. It’s subtle, tasteful, and delectable. Break out the bib and leave the butter in the fridge. It’s not necessary here.

Dill Pickle – Nothing cuts through a flavor profile like the acid of a pickle, and the acid of a Grimes banger.

Pepper Jelly – Pepper jelly is a little self-conscious. It’s not sure what it is, and we’re not sure what it is. But that makes this Hannah Diamond PC-music gem such a treat, as she channels the feelings of pepper jelly being forced to live through an incessant existential crisis. In the end though, pepper jelly is pure delight and we couldn’t imagine this sandwich without it.

Whole Grain Bread – More bread. Another tasteful indie-rock jam. That’s all you need.

Lil’ Olive – Let’s not forget the garnish. Classic and to the point, but not without some salt and bite, just like The Raveonettes.


  • Saul Wright
    • Cooolin

      Is that literally just a bread and lettuce sandwich…

      • PANTSUIT

        No, its an avocado toast sandwich. That’s why Shaggy never could afford a home.

  • Cooolin

    This has been a presentation of BLOCLAND EATS™.

    • LeMonjello

      We should probably pivot to food, eh?

      • Cooolin


  • Doris Montgomery

    Dang bone appetite

  • Doris Montgomery

    tried to serve this at work. didn’t go well